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ACM Innovations - Experts in Designing, Fabricating and Installing Aluminium Composite Materials
Three samples of Aluminum Composite Material Paneling on a Restaurant, a Car Dealership, and Fast Food Establishments

Why Choose ACM Innovations, Aluminum Composite Material, for Your Paneling Construction Project?

Aluminum Composite Material or ACM are flat panels used for building facades, building signage, external cladding and even for insulation. ACM is not a new product, but it has seen an increase in use in recent years. Aluminum Composite Material is incredibly light, yet it is very strong. It provides superior stability and durability that lasts for years. Our ACM specialists can fabricate this material, into endless sizes, shapes and colors.

True Aluminum Composite Material is flat when fabricated. The panels are made of two thin coil coated aluminum sheets. These sheets are bonded together by a non-aluminum core material that provides stability to the structure. This allows for a wrinkle-free, truly crisp, consistent appearance that is aesthetically appealing.

ACM products are surprisingly affordable. Even though these structures and panels look expensive, modern manufacturing processes have driven down the cost in recent years. Since Aluminum Composite Materials are made to withstand even the most extreme temperatures and weather, your investment will last for decades, while staying true to its original look.

ACM Innovations takes pride in being environmentally responsible and contributing to environmental sustainability by using recycled material (when applicable) and recycling excess material. ACM when attached to a structure, as in cladding, provides superior thermal insulation as well.

ACM Innovations offers several styles of ACM paneling. We specialize in two of the most widely used styles, Rainscreen and Wet Route. If you are designing a building that will include ACM, let our team guide you through your design process and choose a system that will work best with your design.

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