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Three samples of Aluminum Composite Material Paneling on a Restaurant, a Car Dealership, and Fast Food Establishments

Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) or Architectural Metal Paneling Used for Signage, Building Facades, Cladding, Insulation and other Construction Projects:

Why should I use ACM Innovations as my ACM Contractor? What Makes AMC Innovations unique?

ACM Innovations specializes in exterior architectural metals with an emphasis on Aluminum Composite Material. We are a small, close-knit group of professionals, focusing on a small scope of work. We are the “PANEL GUYS”. Not all fabricators can install…Not all installers can fabricate…We do it ALL! There is no finger pointing with us. We just get it done. With our skills, lead times are dramatically reduced which can be priceless as the project nears turn over date.

What material is used for the core of ACM?

Our standard core is made of thermoplastic resin (low density polyethylene). Our fire rated cores also have a fire retardant in them.

What is ACM’s fire classification?

All of our Aluminum Composite Material is ASTM fire rated. Each product varies for its rating. Please call us for inquiries about select products.

How thick is the Aluminum Composite Material used by ACM Innovations?

Aluminum Composite Material or ACM comes in 3 MM, Standard 4 MM and 6MM depth.

How much do Aluminum Composite Panels weigh?

Our ACM panels weigh 5.5 kg per square meter.

What can Aluminum Composite Panels be attached to?

Aluminum Composite Materials can be attached to any structural substrate. Here at ACM Innovations, we have found that a plywood substrate is the most versatile.

What colors does ACM come in?

ACM Innovations supplies a vast array of standard colors per manufacturer. Custom Premium Colors can also be ordered.

Is ACM scratch resistant?

While all of our Aluminum Composite Material is scratch resistant, if you feel that additional scratch protection is needed, we offer an added scratch resistant coating at a premium. Call the team at ACM Innovations to learn more about scratch protection coating.

Can ACM be painted?

All of our products come with a pre-painted Kynar finish. Per manufacturers specifications, it is not recommended to paint over the factory finish.

Are there any warranties on your ACM products?

Yes, all ACM warranties vary per manufacturer. Please call our office today to learn more about specific Aluminum Composite Material warranties.

Does ACM Innovations provide samples of the material to prospective buyers?

Yes, AMC Innovations can provide samples to our customers. Give us a call today, to learn more about our products and request samples that are suited to your custom needs.